Rape fanfics: kink shaming?

TW: talking about rape, sexual assault 

I made a post about Fanfiction’s use of sexual assault as a good sexual experience and someone mention kink-shaming when they reblog it.

So a question presents itself: When someone writes a fanfic using rape, are we kink-shaming them by telling them it is wrong?


Let’s break it down like this: 

What is a kink? Kink is defined as an unusual sexual practice, practiced between consenting partners.

What is rape? It is a voilent sex crime against an unwilling person.

If you redefine rape as a kink you are trivializing this crime against an unwilling person to just an unusual practice. You are negating the fact that it was not consensual, and you are placing the victim at the mercy of their attacker’s “kink.”

Rape/sexual assault are violent sex crimes that are carried out by physical force, coercion, abuse of authority or with a person who is incapable of valid consent.

Rape is notjust an unusual sex practice.

We are not shaming you; you are redefining of rape outside its context of a violent sex crime against an unwilling person and in doing so you are normalizing and trivializing this serious violent crime.