Anonymous said: What's your opinion on Eatyourkimchi/Simon&Martina? I think they're hilarious and make a lot of valid points in k-pop but lately I've stumbled upon fuming haters who say they shouldn't be in Korea making fun of Koreans. Eh?

LOL deer gawd. You stumbled into the wrong ask box if you were looking for validation in favor of EYK.

In short, their videos contain racist, classist, slut-shaming content. They refuse to acknowledge these elements in their videos and they go around liking people who justify them even when it is violent or racist justification (such as going through their tag on tumblr and liking posts that threaten their “haters”). They make fun of a lot of not only aspects of Korean culture, but the English of Korean idols and people in general, which is ironic given the fact that Martina herself has said she doesn’t bother learning Korean more in depth because she’s not good at it- yet she enjoys making da lols at the expense of non-native English speakers.

Here you go, my friend:

In regards to their slut-shaming, racist, and classist video about Troublemaker

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Hope this helped anon

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