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So obviously you two as grown adults cannot understand the difference between someone being upset by your opinion and people being upset because you said something pejorative. Not once did anyone who has called you out on saying something offensive have threatened to kill you. No. They’ve tried to educate you and like obstinate children, neither of you cared to listen. Instead you passed us off as “butthurt” - which we all know is a term people use when they can’t think up any logical arguments in your defense. 

What Martina said about Taeil in the video was an opinion. Are we annoyed by it? I’m sure there are people annoyed by it. Myself included. Mostly because you don’t understand Taeil’s personality. Am I going to hate you for having such an opinion? No. That’s a waste of my time. Plus it doesn’t change the fact that I like Taeil and it wasn’t like either of you were saying things that could harm him. What I do care about is when you say pejorative things about people that do harm them.

When Hyuna was likened to a stripper and her behavior passed off as trashy - that is harming females. It is sexist. Here I’ll give you a definition since you don’t seem to understand what sexist means. I even used an online dictionary since apparently I’m too stupid to understand these -ist words! Even though I’m a linguist.

(…btw an “-ist” suffix denotes a person with a certain set of beliefs or attitudes! Or you know, it can represent an attitude…for example: A sexist attitude! Having an attitude that promotes stereotypes based on gender roles and using these stereotype to harm people! The more you know…)

Now, the first definition is obvious. Most people know it. Most people can see it when it happens and it’s harder to deny sexism exists in those scenarios. The second is harder for people to recognize. Little do you realize what you said about Hyuna and the way that you said it affects all women in a negative way. You could have kept it to just opinions - “I didn’t like her dancing,” “it was awkward,” etc. but that’s not what you did do. Thus why we got all “butthurt” on your asses. 

When it comes to being sexual - generally only women are labeled with the following: skank, whore, slut, stripper, prostitute, and bitch. It all has to do with acceptable gender roles. Women are not allowed, by society’s standards, to be sexual. If they are, they are punished for it…people who abuse women who act in a sexual manner and/or who wear “revealing” clothing often are not brought to justice…because the woman was wearing too little, because she was dancing a little sexually, etc. These terms, whether you like it or not are harmful to women. They make the world a lot less safer for women. Women have become so self conscious because of this. Women feel low self-worth because of this. You are helping to foster negative stereotypes about women through your words - words that represent your deep seated negative attitudes and/or beliefs about sexual women because that’s how society has conditioned you. 

I really have no sympathy for you if you get hate in return for the words you say. Do you deserve some immature people throwing petty comments at you because you said some idols hair was weird and he looked like a “dork”? Not necessarily. Do I care if you do? No. I can’t afford to care or have sympathy for you when women like Hyuna are told on a daily basis that they’re disgusting, slutty, and should go die…because they have dared to be sexual. It doesn’t matter if she was successful or not or awkward or not - the fact remains that attitudes such as yours hurt women. ALL WOMEN. 

Having taught English, I would think you’d both understand the real history behind words - not just some stupid slang. Words like “stripper,” or “hooker,” etc. have a negative story behind them and they continue to negatively affect society’s views on women and gender roles. Having taught English and having been taught western history, I would think you’d all know the extremely heart breaking history of ghettos. But you don’t…and you both use the term so lightly - because it’s “acceptable slang” and now the “meanings have changed” despite people still living in poverty. “Oh ghetto just means something broken” - you don’t know how much this hurts people living in ghettos. People living in ghettos are seen as broken by people like you. They feel worthless because they’re told they’re worthless and broken. I don’t care what you say…it’s fucked up to treat these words so lightly. I should know. I am a linguist. I have studied how pejorative terms affect our perception. 

You have little to no respect for those around you obviously. You refuse to acknowledge that you may have said some negative things that negatively affect entire marginalized groups of people. I really have no sympathy for you guys at all

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